The first time I read CGC I could not take my eyes off the computer screen. It was my life, my feelings, my struggles all written down right in front of me. CGC is a support system of empowerment for all women. It teaches us to open up and accept ourselves, organizes our thoughts, and guides us in the right direction to follow our dreams and pursue our passions.


I read CGC because it is the most entertaining blog I’ve ever subscribed to. I’ve subscribed to many blogs and usually unsubscribe in a matter of weeks, but I always seem to open and read your entire email.


When I came across your site I was already feeling like it was chicken soup for this colored girl’s soul, but this [welcome] email threw in the cornbread and hot toddy to boot! I’m loving the down to earth yet empowering balance you strike in your writing! It’s much appreciated.




Welcome to Colored Girl Confidential – the dopest collective of ambitious colored girls this side of the interwebs! My name is LC, I’m the “colored girl” behind the “confidential” and I’m so glad you’re here!

Now, in case your mamma ever told you not to talk to strangers:

Great. That’s me. Now, what’s this site all about?

CGC is the place where I take my career/ life/ marriage/ friendships/ family/ faith and share the bits and pieces that I think are useful and/or entertaining.

Got it. And how exactly is this meant to be helpful?

Good question – and one that I struggled with for a long time. But thanks to a couple glasses of wine, a little introspection, and some honest feedback from the kick ass colored girls who actually frequent this site, I’ve finally figured out the essence of why you might enjoy stopping by on the regular:

Some people connect with stories, not how-to’s.

This site is a living documentation of my daily hustle for MORE – more income, more impact, more balance, more love, more faith, more joy… and all the tears and triumphs I’m encountering along the way.

What I do here is put my life on display, not for the sake of vanity, but in hopes that what I’m learning will be of use to other colored girls with the unreasonable ambition to live life on their own terms.

In other words, I’m redefining what it means to be a kick ass colored girl in 2017, and I’m having a damn good time while I’m doing it. Join me!

Some places to start exploring:

If you like stories, check out some fan favorites…

Thanks again for stopping by my site (and for reading this long ass about page in it’s entirety). I hope that you will subscribe and tell your friends and that they come and subscribe, and that it makes all of you happy, fabulous, successful, incredibly good-looking, and rich. (Ha! Just kidding. Kind of. And not about the subscription part. You should totally do that.)

Mostly though, I hope you will share your own journey—in the comments, via email, or in person someday. Because when it comes down to it, no woman has ever laid on her deathbed and said, “I wish I hadn’t said that thing on LC’s blog…”